Alright ladies and gent’s! I have gotten the opportunity to do some coverage of a local drifting event here in Colorado! While I am no professional photographer I am def hopeing that I will be able to come away with some good pics that I can both place in my portfolio and give to the drivers and people who are running the event! Below I will post more details about the event and what gear I plan on bringing with me! 

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    March 9th & 10th
    @ PPIR VIP Event Lot

    Sony A330
    Minolta Maxxum-5D
    35mm f/1.4
    28-105 f/3.5-4.5
    75-300mm f/4.5/5.6
    18-55mm f/3.5-5.6


  2. Type On the Fold…

    How do you feel as a designer when you come along a brochure…To me this can either be a blessing or a torture, it all depends on the content. My main gig (NOLA Motorsports Park) tasked me with the duties of creating a tourist / corporate tri-fold brochure for them.

    I planned everything out like I normally do, started with sketching mocked up several idea’s and came up with the layout you see above after several failed idea’s. As usual I laid everything out and then the changes started rolling in, no problem. Now with this layout I came across a problem I haven’t ran into since college. I had type running across the fold…

    Keep in mind that this is a brochure this document will be folded and not bound, so I threw caution to the wind and decided to do it!

    I am just curious, would you of done the same? I haven’t seen the printed out version yet so I will upload some pic’s when I get the final result.

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    - B



    Do you use dotted paper to layout your web/mobile or whatever? Well if you don’t step up your game! Check out dottedpaper.com/ to print yourself some free…well dotted paper!

    I want to give a shout-out to Mizko for he was the one that pointed this out, so everyone go over to his facebook page give him a like and check out all of his resources.

    Mizko Facebook!


  4. My site is UP!

    Well I finally took the plunge, and my site is up. I am currently working on migrating everything over to my domain, bryanwarrick.com so hopefully it will be up under that domain soon! (wish me luck) until then though you can view it at bwarrick.prosite.com

    IT IS UP! bryanwarrick.com 


  5. Sometimes you just come across some work that your eyes just don’t want to believe. This is what happened too me when I came across Gerrel Saunder’s “Goldie” series. It is flat out stunning, & the amount of detail is just nuts.

    Make sure to check out his sites:
    Website Store Tumblr Facebook Twitter Instagram


  6. Do you ever need some subtle patterns for your web design? Have you ever checked out subtlepatterns.com if not I highly recommend it for your next project!


  7. I recently had a job interview for a local shop in Denver. The position was to be a “Junior Production Designer”, yes it would be somewhat of a demotion from my previous jobs I believe that I need a fresh start. I have also really been craving being able to work with other designers on projects and not just be by myself 24/7.

    Everything went great during the interview until a certain point…The art director came in and started throwing web development terms around saying that he want’s whoever they hire to have these skills; PHP, ASP & .NET. Now I read their job description to the ‘T’ and the only language they posted was HTML. So people before you waste peoples time make sure you put everything you want on your job description.

    Oh well…


  8. This is just flat out awesome work by Emilio Garcia from Barcelona, Spain. I found his work when I was looking through behance.com like I always do when I get bored or need to find some inspiration. You can check out his profile and more of his awesome work over at http://www.behance.net/emiliogarcia.

    I always find it amazing how you can just add a pattern this cool to just about anything and make it a billion times cooler. Maybe it’s just me but a lot of the times it is the simplest idea’s in nature that really make a project or design stand out. 


  9. Hello all,

    I know it has been a long time since I have updated this. But I PROMISE I am back at it for good now. I want to turn this into a weekly if not daily part of my work flow. A lot of the things that I am going to be sharing on this blog are basically what inspires me and what I feel is important, and of course a lot of my own work and what I am currently working on. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my crazy thoughts.


  10. Every day I try to get on to Abduzeedo and a couple other sites to look at their daily inspiration, even if I am not designing anything. This design is from PIKTED.com and I think it’s really cool!