1. Type On the Fold…

    How do you feel as a designer when you come along a brochure…To me this can either be a blessing or a torture, it all depends on the content. My main gig (NOLA Motorsports Park) tasked me with the duties of creating a tourist / corporate tri-fold brochure for them.

    I planned everything out like I normally do, started with sketching mocked up several idea’s and came up with the layout you see above after several failed idea’s. As usual I laid everything out and then the changes started rolling in, no problem. Now with this layout I came across a problem I haven’t ran into since college. I had type running across the fold…

    Keep in mind that this is a brochure this document will be folded and not bound, so I threw caution to the wind and decided to do it!

    I am just curious, would you of done the same? I haven’t seen the printed out version yet so I will upload some pic’s when I get the final result.

    As usual hit me up on twitter —-> @bwaldowarrick

    - B